Italy’s Minister for Sport: “Football should be halted. The Lega Serie A isn’t taking responsibility”.

John Solano

Vincenzo Spadafora, Italy’s Minister for Sport, appeared on Rai Sport and reiterated his stance that Serie A should be suspended due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Lega released a statement earlier today and announced they will continue playing matches behind closed doors despite several regions in Italy, including Lombardy, in quarantine.

Spadafora, though, stated that he believes Serie A is putting its economic interests before the good of the country.

“We are advising and suggesting to everyone to stay at home. Football and sport have always had their autonomy — but right now, nobody is taking responsibility for making a decision. Perhaps it is because there are economic interests at stake,” he said.

“It’s as if football and Serie A feel immune from all the sacrifices that are being made in Italy. I realise that a game on Sunday or Monday is a great chance to help brighten the mood during this dark time, but we care about public health”.

“What else needs to happen to convince the Lega to suspend all matches? The world of football has not thought about the country and is setting a bad example. I hope that Gravina and Malagò take all the useful positions to protect Italians”.

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