Jordan Veretout unveiled: “The words of Fonseca convinced me to come here”.

John Solano

Newly acquired Jordan Veretout was unveiled to the media today at a press conference following his move from Fiorentina on loan with an obligation to buy. Here are his words:

How have you improved after these experiences?
I held all the roles in the midfield. Playing in front of the defence was a new role for me, I learned it and I matured: it requires more reflection compared to playing in attack. In any case, I must continue to improve and progress.

In this last period, you were wanted by so many clubs. What convinced you to choose Roma?
I chose Roma because it’s a big club. The words of the manager during our phone call convinced me. We’ll be in the Europa League this year, which is a step forward in my career.

Can Dzeko’s stay help achieve the goal of Champions League football?
Yes, of course, he is a great player with a physical presence. He scores lots of goals and can definitely help us.

Aren’t you a bit late in learning Italian?
I can speak in Italian. Today I am doing so in French, but next time I’ll speak in Italian.

Does it much change for you playing in the midfield with three or two, like Fonseca’s?
It’s different. In the midfield three, I would be more inclined to attack. With two you need the right balance before attacking but you must also defend.

What weighed most in your decision between Roma and Milan?
I am here today and I am happy, it was my will. I am in a beautiful city and with great teammates. We want to do something nice and the Mister’s phone call also affected this, I’m happy to be here.

Can you better clarify what Fonseca said during the call? 
He phoned me telling me that he really wanted me and he used words of confidence which convinced me – so I made my decision to come here.

During the negotiation, did you talk to Montella about Roma?
No, we didn’t talk much about Roma. It was my intention to take a step forward in my career.

What shirt number did you choose?
The numbers I preferred were already taken, I want some more time to choose another one.