Juan Jesus speaks after Napoli draw

John Solano

Juan Jesus to Roma TV after Napoli 1-1 Roma:

Glass half full, but is there regret?
It’s too bad because in the second half we had to give more. We have shown that we are strong – to draw here is not easy. We have to start over from here.

How do you explain the inability to hold the ball?
After you’re only defending, you need the ability to find space and keep the ball, today this did not happen. We failed to find ways out from the back.

How did you play the match on a tactical level?
We knew of their quality, Callejon always makes the move to the far post. Today Kolarov and Olsen did well and we managed to do what the Mister asked. Though, the result does leave a bitter taste.

Are you confident about Roma’s recovery?
I believe we must always be enthusiastic and try to do our best. You must always give the maximum, like I did today, I did not play for five matches but I was ready. We must always give 100%, it is our job.

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