Juan Jesus: “We must continue like this against Villarreal.”

John Solano

Roma defender Juan Jesus appeared on Roma Radio this afternoon, here are his words:

How are you?
I’m alright even if I am a bit tired because it is always tough to sleep after a match. But I’m happy for the win yesterday. The joy inside the body usually overcomes the fatigue inside.

What has changed in defense?
What we do in training shows on the pitch, we all have quality. Vermaelen is precise with his passes, Fazio is the head of the monster, Manolas is quick while Rudiger is very strong. The rest of the team helps us such as De Rossi, Paredes and Strootman, and this makes it easier for us back there. Then those in attack have fun and we let them be calm because our job is to defend.

Better a back 3 or 4?
We are doing well with three and so it will stay. It’s about the whole team and the coaching staff.

Now the most important cycle begins.
First we have Villarreal, they very strong. We did well there to win 4-0 and here we must now keep doing what we’re doing. The result is not closed, in football, you see so many matches get turned on their head.