Julio Sergio: “Ranieri can do well, but there isn’t much time. The problem was too many sales”.

John Solano

Ex-Roma goalkeeper Julio Sergio appeared on local radio station Rete Sport today and discussed the recently struggles of the Giallorossi as well as the return of Claudio Ranieri. These are his words:

Ranieri has returned.
Compared to the first experience, this time it’s a bit more difficult. The season is drawing to a close and there is not much time to work. But he knows the environment, he is Roman, he can do well. Accepting this situation already shows how much the club means to him because this isn’t easy. Ranieri is a very charismatic person, he will bring out the best from the players.

What is the problem behind the current crisis?
Last year, Roma went beyond its capabilities and the problem is having sold too many important players. Di Francesco accepted this gamble, but I think it was a mistake to change now, however, they chose Ranieri, which is a great choice.

What do you think of Olsen?
I think Ranieri will continue with him, at least at the beginning. Olsen may have made some mistakes, but he has not been decisive in the negative. Rome does not live this situation because of her. He had some uncertainty at the beginning then he grew up. I think the coach will not change hierarchy at the beginning, if anything it will change the way we play, the tactical system and hopefully good ”