Karsdorp: “I feel at home in Rome.”

Roma right back Rick Karsdorp spoke today to Nos.nl. These are his words:

“I miss my friends, but living here in Rome with my girlfriend has been fantastic. I feel at home, even though I have not played a lot yet and I do not speak the language. Before even arriving in Rome, I knew I would need surgery, which is difficult because I’ve never undergone an operation. Then I had the second injury. At some point throughout the match, I felt that something wasn’t right, but since it was my debut, I tried to play on and everything went well. However, after the match when I sat down, something didn’t feel right. I then underwent exams, which confirmed what I had felt. After a situation like this, you don’t even want to read your books on learning the language, all you want to do is recover.

Javy Baez's swagger is a good t...
Javy Baez's swagger is a good thing

“I know that I can do much more than what I showed at Feyenoord. Strootman is always willing to help and I’m able to count on him. I still am not able to do a lot of running and I’m not sure when I’ll start training with the ball. Obviously I hope to come back to the pitch as soon as possible, though, one day I’ll feel like I’ve made progress and others I feel as if I’ve regressed.”

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