Karsdorp: “I am glad to be back on the pitch.”

Rick Karsdorp in the Mixed Zone after Roma 1-0 Crotone:

What are your feelings after the debut?
Good, I am glad to be back on the pitch after being away for 4-5 months, i played 80 minutes, which was more than I expected. I feel only slightly in form, but I am happy with my first few minutes with this team, now I have to take the next step.

How was it at the stadium?
I would have expected it to be sold out for my debut (laughs)! Joking aside, I’m not sure what to say, it was a strange feeling, to be able to touch the ball again and feel the adrenaline of a match. I’m happy to talk to you now because I’m back on the pitch and I am no longer in the stands.