Karsdorp: “I feel good, now I need continuity”.

John Solano

How are you?
I feel good, after a bad injury and missing several matches, I have now played two matches in a row.

You showed good things on the flank.
I did see some things but I still have to improve. After two years without playing 90 minutes, it was not easy, I did catch a glimpse of something especially in the attacking phase. I know what I can do, I have to improve, though, in the defensive phase. This is a good injection of confidence and I hope to continue doing well and I hope I can have other chances to show further improvement.

What was the hardest thing to do during your injury?

It was complicated, in Holland I was used to playing every few days. I also received many messages from the fans who called me unlucky. It’s a pity because in my career, I’ve never had so many injuries, now it’s about moving on like this. Some ask me to improve in defence, I know that if I have continuity I will be able to find the right rhythm.

What percentage are you at in terms of fitness?
Before the match with Torino, I would have told you 100%, but after this match I do not know. It was a long time since I played two matches in a row, in the second half, I felt my legs getting heavy, but I feel good in training and I’m always improving. As for the team, yes, we have hit a positive trend. It’s a pity that Torino drew level with us, but then we showed character and won a match that a few weeks ago we would not have won. This is a good sign.

Eager to play in the Champions League?
Yes, playing in the Champions League is always a fantastic emotion. This year, I made my debut against Real Madrid, and I hope to play again but I have to improve and show what I’m worth in the league. The Champions League needs an even higher level.

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