Klopp speaks ahead of Roma

John Solano

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke at a press conference today ahead of his side’s clash against Roma at Anfield. These are his words

The fans: perhaps a similar reception that City were given?
I think in the stadium, do it again, but outside, show the respect we have to show.
This is such a fantastic football club and family. Known for fantastic atmospheres around the world, so we don’t need to throw whatever at the Roma bus. Please, show them the respect. We are only opponents on the pitch. This wonderful city can show everyone how wonderful it is. We can show that 20 minutes before the game.

Salah is facing his old side.
It’s pretty normal. Players change clubs and managers change clubs a lot. It’s quite special though because he knows a lot more about them than usual. He knows all about them and I am sure he is following their season all season. He became the player we have now in Rome, they were all part of his development. We are all professionals though and I am sure Italian defenders are famous for not having friendly games.

Similarities with Di Francesco?
We both wear glasses! And we have a bad shave, I think. We have a similar way to the big clubs, he started with smaller clubs and made his way. Style of play? I don’t know exactly. They have good organisation, I love that too. Maybe there are a few but that doesn’t make life easier for us. I knew it would be difficult. Taking over Italian club? It makes no sense for them, I can only order spaghetti in an Italian restaurant. I won’t be there in the next four years, for sure.

Both teams were seen as underdogs.
I am not interested in what people think about the quarter-finals and I guess a lot people thought it would be Barcelona v Manchester City. Both teams deserve to be here. Someone told me Roma had beaten Barcelona 3-0 and I thought it was not possible. Maybe our situation are similar but we both have big challenges and big competition in our leagues. It is our job to show our best. It is what we try to do constantly. We both have the chance to go to the final and that is pressure, but it is possible and that is nice. If it is possible, let’s try everything to do it. If anyone thinks we are underdogs, who cares?

Are you surprised by Roma’s quality?
I watch quite a lot of Italian football to be honest. I know Edin Dzeko from Germany and I am not surprised by Roma. The quality in their team and squad is a lot. They made seven or eight changes from the last game, so that is a big advantage for them. They have a full squad available and all of them are good. They have clear options up front and in midfield, they all look settled, fit and experienced. For them, like us, semi-finals are a big thing.

The role of the fans tomorrow?
I don’t have to tell them what I want to see, they know it already. They create one of the most special atmopsheres in world football. I don’t know if they can create a better atmosphere than Manchester City, but if they can let’s try. If you do not enjoy these atmopsheres, then something is wrong. I don’t have to say anything to the fans – I know they will be perfect.

A player you would take off Roma and bring to Liverpool?
An easy answer: I won’t answer! (Laughs)

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