Kluivert speaks on Roma experience

John Solano

Justin Kluivert was interviewed today by Sky Sport. These are his words:

A judgement after 4 months here?
Very good, I am very happy, every day I enjoy this experience more. I can not wait to see what happens in the future.

Did you have an idol as a child?
My father without a doubt, but I was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo because he lives for football and I admire these kinds of champions.

How did Monchi convince you to join Roma?
With the things he said when we spoke, he was very convincing. I am very happy with the decision I made. He spoke to me in a special way and that everyone wanted me, I felt very certain.

After 4 months have you found the right environment to grow here?
Yes, even my father told me that the competition here is very high. I learned a lot from the pitch too. This is why I can learn a lot from the champions we have here too.

How important is the match against Udinese?
It’s important, but Udinese is a good team but if we play well we can win, it’s a huge match for us.

What was the most important advice given by Di Francesco?
He has given me so much, I learn a lot from him. He tells me to use my speed that not everyone possesses. He tells me to attack the opponent.

Who are you close to here in Rome?
We have a very good team spirit. We also hang out outside the pitch. I’m glad to be here.

De Rossi, how important is he to you?
A lot, especially when I arrived. Before I came here, he wrote me a message and told me he was happy, that he could not wait to work with me and this motivated me so much. He is a phenomenon both on and off the pitch.

He speaks English well, right?
Yes, that’s why I talk a lot with him. It’s difficult, but I think I will speak in Italian within two months.

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