Kolarov: “It was important to win.”

John Solano

Aleksandar Kolarov to Sky Sport after scoring the decisive goal in Roma’s 1-0 victory in Bergamo:

It was a difficult match.
It was important to win today, Atalanta is a great team that plays great football. We have prepared well and suffered a bit, but we deserved to win.

The free kick?
I knew they were waiting for me to pull one out. I was just hoping it would not start the counterattack, but thankfully it went well.

Today it seemed like you played as a regista on the flank.
I know the league, as do the others, more or less. Edin and Daniele gave me confidence. We know the other clubs are strong but we are here to fight.

Do you expect some reinforcements?
I hope so, if a quality player arrives, he is welcome. The director is working hard.