Kolarov speaks after Derby victory

John Solano

Aleksandar Kolarov to Sky Sport after scoring in Roma’s 3-1 victory over Lazio:

What is the meaning of this victory?
It was important for us to do this. I was convinced that we are a strong team, we needed this. We are happy with the performance and for the supporters. I’m happy for me and for the players.

You have scored a goal now with both shirts in the Derby.
I try to do my best, I knew I would have scored with Roma in the Derby sooner or later, I’m happy.

Your hug with Tomei.
He is my coach, but we are like brothers but he is the older one.

Many goals scored in these last two matches.
Maybe it took a moment like we had, the crisis arrived early. We’ve got to win those matches against Chievo and Bologna even with 8 or 9 guys. We have to continue to get results.

What will you say to Pellegrini and Fazio?
I always say that making mistakes is not a problem, but you have to keep trying again. I am happy for Lorenzo, who is very strong, he is young and he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but today he has shown that he can handle it well.