Kolarov unveiled by Roma

John Solano

Roma defender Aleksandar Kolarov was unveiled today by Monchi. The Giallorossi are currently in Spain awaiting to face Celta Vigo in their next friendly, here are his words:

Monchi begins: “Good morning. Welcome to Sevilla, this is the final presentation but not in importance. As I said, I’m happy that Kolarov is here with us. I consider him a big purchase, he is not only a great professional but a great person who will make a big contribution both on the pitch and in the dressing room.

(To Monchi) What did you think after yesterday’s match?
I think we are advancing, personally, I was pleased with yesterday’s performance. There is still some improvement but it seems that we are coming close to the footballing ideas that the Mister asks for, I’m happy with what I saw.

(To Kolarov) What are your feelings about the group? Where are you in terms of preparation?
These are difficult questions, there is the puzzle to piece together regarding training and tactics. But I can tell you that in these 20 days that I have been here, I’m feeling good and I’m glad to be here. We can not wait to get started.

(To Monchi) What can Kolarov give to the team?
There was a quick agreement, I think Kolarov knew about our interest in him and I perceived that there was mutual interest and this allowed us to agree quickly. On what he can give, I think there is no better answer than yesterday’s match, agility, strength, preparation, yesterday’s performance is the best synopsis.

(To Monchi) Can we talk about Mahrez: are you ready for another offer?
At the last conference press conference with Defrel, I said that Roma had come to a point that we considered right, on that occasion, I remembered it was the biggest economic offer in the history of Roma: we’re talking about €30 million plus bonuses. Roma will not make any other offer, we feel that we have taken all the right steps from a professional point of view, now the ball is in Leicester’s court and we are awaiting an answer. There are also other possibilities we are working on, I am sending the same message of calmness and say that the roster is 90% (complete).

(To Kolarov) How did you think of Roma fans after your past with Lazio? If you score a goal in the Derby, will you celebrate?
Just like in life, we ​​can not all agree. Lazio has been an important part of my past, now I’m at Roma and I’m glad to be here. I do not want to erase my past, but as I did there, I will give my best to Roma. If I score a goal and we win, I will celebrate.

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