Lazio demand apology for “offensive chant” during Dybala unveiling

John Solano

Lazio have released a statement on their website demanding an apology from Sky Sport for what they labeled an “offensive chant” that could be heard before the start of Paulo Dybala’s presentation last night.

Over 10,000 Giallorossi supporters gathered at the Palazzo della Civiltà yesterday to welcome the Argentine to the club following his transfer last week.

Before proceedings started, the crowd sang a traditional anti-Lazio chant (“E la Lazio, m***a! Fogna de sta città!”), causing presenter Sara Benci to joke before signing off, “I was even enjoying the chants a bit”—a remark that upset the Biancoclesti.

“It can happen during a live television broadcast that an offensive chant will air, of the kind that were directed at Lazio on behalf of some Roma supporters,” they wrote.

“But on the other hand, what can not happen is for the chant to be highlighted with completely inappropriate ironic comments from the studio.”

“We expect Sky and the specific interested party, Sara Benci, to apologise to Lazio supporters. If you really can’t be impartial, as evidenced by numerous examples over the years, you at least have to show respect for Biancocelesti supporters and subscribers.”

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