Lazio’s De Vrij: “The Derby is the match of the year for us.”

Lazio defender Stefan de Vrij spoke to and spoke about his team’s Derby loss to Roma:

Are disappointed to have missed the Derby?
Yes, because for us, it is the match of the year. I wanted to play, I was ready, I know I have been out for awhile, but the Mister made a tactical choice, which I accepted. I know he wants the best for me and Lazio. I wanted to win the match, but now I’m ready. I was for the Derby, too.

What did the Mister say after the Derby?
It’s never nice to lose a match like that. It always hurts to lose a Derby. But it is the past, we have to raise our heads and think about the next match.

Wallace’s error?
I was warming up when it happened, it was sad because he was doing fine up until the error. He has done well in the other matches, I’m for him because he’s a good guy and a good player. Unfortunately, these things happen.

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