Leicester manager Craig Shakespeare: “Riyad continues to work hard.”

John Solano

Leicester City manager Craig Shakespeare spoke today to The Leicester Mercury and revealed the conversations he has had with Riyad Mahrez regarding a potential move away from the club. Here are his words:

“Everyone knows the speculation in terms of the bid we had (from Roma), but it wasn’t accepted. I have spoken to him individually and said that while he is here, he needs to be professional and respectful of his team-mates, and the club.”

“Credit to him, he has done that. You could see that in his performance (against Brighton). While he remains that focused, and we all know his ability, then with that frame of mind he will always be considered for selection. He enjoys his football and if he is not training he doesn’t enjoy it. When you give him a recovery session he wants to train. He is always badgering me and saying he doesn’t need a rest. He wants to train and play all the time. He is like a kid on a playground. (Against Brighton) he set us off, but there were 10 other players on the pitch and it is always about the team rather than the individual.”

“No, it is like anything: We were glowing about Jamie Vardy’s performance last week at Arsenal. There is always a chance there when the window is open.”

“I was asked the other day about shutting the window, and it would be nice if it shut at the start of the season so we could get on with things. Credit to (Mahrez) and his personality. When there is all the speculation, it is sometimes hard for players to get their head around. For me, it should be quite easy. You perform when you are asked to represent the club who pay you. From Riyad’s point of view, from day one he made the statement, he has come into training and worked hard, and we need that to continue.”

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