Leonardo Spinazzola on Mourinho: “We would go to war for him.”

Andy Mattioli

Leonardo Spinazzola was the protagonist of today’s edition of the AS Roma Podcast where he discussed various topics including his road to recovery and the feelings brought on by the Giallorossi’s Conference League victory.

Near the end of the episode, Spinazzola spoke about Mourinho’s impact on the team and his role in guiding the players through difficult moments.

“We are with him and whatever he says we follow him. If he tells us to go to war, we go to war. It’s that simple,” Spinazzola remarked.

“Mourinho has this unbelievable gift. Then everything he says, for the most part comes true.”

“He’s very quiet and calm in training, really. I don’t know what he was like in the past, but he’s really calm with us.”

“Sometimes he just watches from afar. He prefers to observe how you move, how you move your body, your body language, he observes these things a lot. It’s his nature,” concluded the Italian fullback.