Live, Di Francesco speaks ahead of Derby clash against Lazio

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s Derby showdown against Lazio. These are his words:

What’re the conditions of the team?
I think from the mental point of view, they all want to take part in this huge match, which is unique for everyone. I must say that we’ve had a good week of training and has allowed us to take a look at certain situations that we have to improve in.

What are the potential traps tomorrow from a tactical point of view?
The normal traps of a derby: they’re a team who can hit you on the break and they know how to close space inside the area with their midfielders. It will be a difficult match, they have quality and players such as Correa, who are good in one on one situations.

As for the midfield: could we see three?
Everything has its own logic, but I’m not going to give anyone an advantage. Football is not a static system, if they have 5 midfielders they will also have one less defender. It is always the characteristics of the players that determine the system.

It will probably be Zaniolo’s debut in the Derby, is he staying calm?
He has to stay focused and calm. I haven’t spoke much to him about the Derby — those in the dressing room have done so. We are expecting something important, let’s leave him be.

He will be available, the ankle problem is resolved. He will be available.

Will El Shaarawy be an important player for the Derby?
Not him alone, but he is among those who have raised their quality, but it is not enough, he must continue to improve.

Can De Rossi play two intense matches such as the Derby and against Porto?
I can’t say if he’ll play tomorrow. Daniele is always a question mark. Up to today he is fine, his physical condition must grow, but I can not give answers with certainty.

Dzeko hasn’t score at the Olimpico in some time.
He’s managed to do so in the Champions League. I’m happy for what he’s doing for the team, his condition after the injury has really grown a lot. If he scores, I’m happy, but it’s enough for me that he plays the way he does — I’m happy with his work.

Could we see the return of the 4-2-3-1?
Beyond the fact that I did not like the performance against Frosinone, I preferred the 4-2-3-1. Dzeko and Pellegrini have benefited from this system. We have gotten important results with the 4-3-3, and we could choose to use that, but it seems like we’ve had a bit less in that formation.

Marcano was a surprise against Frosinone. How’s Juan Jesus?
Honestly they both trained very well, the difference was the injury of Juan Jesus and the fact that Ivan had done well with Chievo. I will choose based on the match.