Lorenzo Pellegrini unveiled

John Solano

RomaPress Live – Trigoria: Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini was unveiled today by sporting director Monchi, these are their words.

Monchi: “One of my goals when I arrived in Rome was that Lorenzo returned to Rome. I am glad we have brought in a player with the potential to be a future champion. Today, we are happy to present him.”

(To Pellegrini) After the past year, did you have your eye on any other clubs or did your love for Roma make the difference?
Yes, certainly it was a goal to return home and continue my journey. It was very important to go away for two years and then later to return. Sassuolo 150% helped me to grow as a footballer, as a person and as a man. I certainly have to thank Sassuolo and the president, who has always shown me his trust. I’m here now and this is where my head is.

(To Monchi) what can Lorenzo give this team?
He can give a lot. I think he is a mature footballer, who grew up at Sassuolo. He can give us a lot of substance, he stands out in all areas and from every point of view. He is a great purchase for the team.

(To Pellegrini) In what way do you feel grown after the two years at Sassuolo?
In everything, I think. Both from a footballing and human level, because I went away in order to grow and mature. If I’m here today, it’s because I made a path that led me to be ready for this. Even as a man, they made me understand how the truth behind football and real life. Many people have helped me emotionally, it is not easy to leave at 18 years old after having passed enough the same door for 10 years. I thank everyone Sassuolo, the fans and the president who helped me so much.

(To Monchi) Do you like Emre Mor?
Today it is Emre Mor, yesterday it was Rodrigo Caio. I do not like talking about names. All are interesting and possible targets of Roma. It is important not to create a ‘casino’. As far as departures are concerned, we are working to find the best for them, and I am referring to Gyomber, Vainqueur, Castan and Iturbe. In some cases, we are closer for some and further for others. There is still a month left in the market, they are people as well as players, we will not send anyone to an unsuccessful destination.

(To Pellegrini) The difference between Di Francesco at Rome versus Sassuolo?
Nothing, the Mister, like his staff, are the same. They always have the same thinking, many of the training sessions are similar to the ones we had at Sassuolo, not much has changed.

(To Monchi) Are you looking for a right winger that is left footed?
More than the foot, we are interested in the profile. He needs to be a winger that does not just play near the side line, but is focused. I’d prefer if they were left footed because it is more natural to attack centrally with their left foot, but we could also find a winger who is right footed who does this.

(To Pellegrini) Did Milan and Juventus ever make you question returning to Roma?
In January, I had no doubt about not leaving Sassuolo. It was not a good time, we were having trouble both in the table and with injuries. There had been offers, including from Roma, but we decided to stay there until the end of the season. It was not right to leave Sassuolo at a time when they did not deserve it. They gave me so much, it seemed normal to give something to them. I know that there were some interested clubs. The Mister helped me a lot, we spoke a lot during the season. I had no doubts, this is my nature. I had no doubts about returning here. Roma was  my choice.

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