Luca Toni praises Totti

Ex-Roma, Fiorentina, and Bayern Munich striker Luca Toni appeared on Rete Sport late this evening and sung the praises of Roma captain Francesco Totti:

Did you still expect to see a Totti at these levels?
Francesco is Roma: he loves to play with Roma being a fan of Roma and a Roman, I think he is the pinnacle. Now, he is trying to understand and adapt to his new role. Francesco can not play in all the matches, but he has a touch of the ball no other player has. So he is always an added bonus.

Totti now seems more at the service of others versus a few seasons ago?
Towards the end of his career, he is trying to be the best so he tries to make himself useful. We’re talking about Francesco: he is a champion, he is no longer a child but he still has a touch that nobody else has. He must be good at understanding his role. Spalletti knows that Totti will not play forever, sooner or later he will have to retire. Hopefully further down the road because I think when Francesco retires it will be the end of an era of players thought about the field first then thought about the rest and everything off of it later.

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