Lucescu: “Ünder? He has all the qualities.”

John Solano

Former Shakhtar and current Turkish national team manager Mircea Lucescu was interviewed today by Centro Suono Sport and spoke about Cengiz Ünder as well as the Giallorossi’s clash against his former side. These are his words:

Where can Cengiz Ünder end up?
Let’s wait a while, he’s playing well as he had some difficulties at the beginning such as learning the language, building relationships with the other guys, understanding the manager, but he has all the qualities. He is an intelligent player, he’s quick, dribbles well, and has a very strong shot, he knows how to attack spaces and I hope he grows not only for Roma but also for our national team. He’s a good boy and this is important.

Does he have the characteristics of a leader?
Yes, I am convinced that he has the right character, I have spoken several times with Mr. Di Francesco and with the boy to protect him a bit. I have to thank Di Francesco because he gave him all the confidence and had the patience to wait for him and gave him continuity, this is important because the player feels part of this team. However, he still needs time, he is only twenty years old, we all want to have the experience immediately but this comes with playing, training, with a wealth of knowledge, give him time to grow.

What kind of team is Shakhtar?
They have grown as a team over the years, several players have been there for a long time and have grown up together. They’ve also played together for six to seven years. It was difficult before when there were so many Brazilians who then went away to big European sides, but now many have remained and there is an important structure in place. Staying with the same players who have grown up and know very well what they have to do in a certain match allows them to dominate others. It will be a very difficult, interesting but difficult match.