Luis Enrique returns to the Spanish national team bench: “I have to thank the Roma supporters, who stayed close to me”.

John Solano

Former Roma manager Luis Enrique spoke today at a press conference as he marked his return to the bench of the Spanish national team following the tragic death of his daughter Xana. The ex-Celta Vigo boss touched upon the support he was given not only in Spain, but also from Rome during his difficult period.

“First, I have to thank the whole world of football for supporting me in a difficult period,” he proclaimed.

“The support and respect I received from the media and everyone else meant a lot. Even the minute of silence on the pitches, including Roma’s, meant a lot. The supporters (there in Rome) stayed close to me even though I was only there for a year and things did not go well. I’ll never forget this”.

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22 Apr 18:30