Manolas: “Happy to score, but happier to win.”

John Solano

Kostas Manolas to SportMediaset after scoring in Roma 3-0 Torino:

Yours was a very important goal because it was not an easy match.
Yes, it’s true. I’m happy to have scored but I’m happier with the win.

There were fears after winning against Napoli but today you have shown the right mentality.
We are Roma and we must always enter the pitch with a winning mentality because if you do not enter with that mentality you will not win. Today we had a bad first half but when we scored we calmed down and we played a good football.

The objective is now the quarterfinals.
Yes, this is the goal but we need our supporters, they are essential. We will work these three days as much as possible because we have to reach that goal. We deserve to advance.

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MatchDay 33
22 Apr 18:30