Manolas: “It’s an important Derby.”

Kostas Manolas spoke to SportMediaset and Sky Sport before Roma-Lazio. These are his words:

How do you win a Derby?
We have to give everything and put forth our heart and our game. I hope we will be the victors.

How do you stop Immobile?
We always prepare the best we can, regardless of who we’re facing. Today we are motivated and want to do our best.

How much do you win in the Derby?
Every victory is important. The Derby gives us confidence and we hope that today we will have our best performance, because this is an important Derby.

Nainggolan is playing, what kind of impact will he have?
He is a very important player, we want him at his best.

Should the stadium with all these fans always be like this?
I hope we will gift them with joy.

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