Manolas: “Things are easier this summer, we know what the Mister wants.”

Roma defender Kostas Manolas spoke ahead of the Giallorossi’s morning training session in San Diego. These are his words:

Compared to last season, do you see any differences in the way the manager is working?
Yes, this year we know what he wants to do, things are easier, training is more fun, we are working better.

Of all the new additions, the only one you knew was Marcano. Is your presence important for the inclusion of all these new arrivals?
I played with him for 6 months at Olympiakos. I’ve tried to help integrate into the group as much as possible, he’s an experienced guy, he’ll do so easily.

Following the case of Malcom, does this team need a midfielder or a right winger?
I have no say in who the priority is for who we buy, this is what the director and Mister do. As for Malcom, he made a decision, if he doesn’t want to join Roma, then it’s better that he joined Barcelona.

Will you greet him tomorrow night?
No, I didn’t know who he was before, not even his name. There’s no reason to greet him.

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