Marash Kumbulla: “I’m very excited about the final in Tirana.”

Roma defender Marash Kumbulla
Andy Mattioli

Albanian defender Marash Kumbulla spoke to DAZN about the anticipation leading up to the Conference League final held in Tirana on May 25th.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “When we get to Tirana it will be great to play where I usually play for the national team.”

“In Albania they will cheer for us. They are passionate and warm people. The supporters resemble that of Roma. The Giallorossi fans will feel right at home.”

When asked about his relationship with his teammates at the center of Roma’s defence, “We are very united, we understand why we play in the same role and we understand when one has a difficult moment. I have a good relationship with all three defenders.”

On his rapport with Mourinho, “Good. He’s very nice with everyone and jokes when you win. When we lose it’s better not to talk to him.”

“He’s a direct person, if things don’t go well he tells you right to your face. He has a direct relationship with everyone.”

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