Marcano: “We’re a good group, I’m happy with the team.”

John Solano

Ivan Marcano appeared today on Roma Radio, these are his words:

How is the preparation going?
The pre-season is one of the most important moments of the season, the workouts we’re putting in our legs and are what we will need for the rest of the season. We are training well, I like the Mister as a manager and we are all giving 100% to get ready for the first match of the season.

In training you do not look like a newcomer.
I’m glad that this is the image that I am giving, but in reality, I’m learning too, I’m one of the newcomers and I need a period to adapt, which I hope is not long. Tactically, the central defender is a delicate and important role. There are situations I was used to doing things differently, but I’m here to work on those. We are training well.

Your thoughts on the team?
Now almost all us are here, though, new players could arrive. It is a strong team both tactically and technically, and we are a good group. I’m happy with this team.

Did you look at the calendar for the season?
I did. I looked it over carefully to see the various matches: the first, the last, the most fierce clashes, matches near Champions League dates, and the most important matches. In the end, we have to play everyone, there are no shortcuts.

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