Marco Materazzi ahead of Roma-Inter: “We will always cheer for José.”

Andy Mattioli

Inter legend Marco Materazzi was asked to speak to La Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of Roma-Inter about his time playing under Jose Mourinho.

“In the 2010 Coppa Italia final José was furious because before the match they played the anthem of Roma: they were at home, he couldn’t do anything about it, but that was his particular way of encouraging us.”

“Nobody knows how to play on psychology like him and then he built a team that was stronger than all kinds of adversity.”

On Mourinho now:

“He is the same as always, for me he has not changed. Now he is in a different place, not easy but stimulating.”

“It is as if it were a “reset” in his career and it is clear that, beyond this match in which we are opponents, we all do and will always cheer for him.”

“Before a match of this importance in his heart there is rightly only Roma: he is an employee of the club, a professional, and he will want to win.”

“He will experience what all Inter fans feel: love and memories until the initial whistle, then it will be a battle.”

On the outcome of tomorrow’s game:

“I don’t want to sound biased, but there is a certain difference between the two rosters.”

“Inter are deeper and have now found their way of playing football. And from the very beginning I thought that without four or five important additions for Roma it would be very hard, regardless of who sits on the bench.”

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