Maurizio Sarri disappointed with Lazio’s approach in 3-0 loss

Andy Mattioli

While Roma and Mourinho celebrate their 3-0 victory, Maurizio Sarri and his men will have to have a long hard look in the mirror during the international break.

The Lazio boss sounded frustrated at his side’s lack of character after conceding the first goal in less than a minute into the Derby della Capitale. “I can’t even talk about the team’s approach,” said Sarri to DAZN. “I can only talk about a reaction because we immediately conceded a goal.”

“That goal took the wind out of our sails, and we didn’t have the strength to get back into the game. We just lowered our heads and this made the defeat inevitable.”

Sarri continued, “I think it’s a matter of nerves. We made so many mistakes which we normally do not make. It wasn’t normal. There were 90 minutes left to play, but we just couldn’t do it.”

The ex-Napoli boss concluded, “This is a team that reacts when it suffers a defeat like the one we suffered today, so this leaves us hoping for the best in the weeks to come.”

FInally, he also pointed out an episode involving Milikovic-Savic: “The feeling is that he gets hit with an elbow, not with a hand as the referee said. And if the referee said it was a hand it should have been reviewed with VAR. It would have been a lucky positive episode that would have put us back in the game mentally.”

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