Monchi admits Roma likely destination

John Solano

Ex-Sevilla and soon-to-be Roma sporting director Monchi spoke to AS today about his future:

You will go to Roma, right?
It’s not done, but it’s the club closest to me. If everything goes as it should without trouble then I will join Roma, but nothing is done until there is something signed. Marcelo was on a plane to Sevilla and then signed with Madrid. So I don’t want to say anything until something is signed.

What if Roma and Sevilla are interested in the same player?
We all have to respect each other. Also my head is going slower than the facts and sometimes I still think I am still the director of Sevilla. We will move on different parameters. We all watch the same players but really I do not see any conflicts of interest.

Are you thinking of Emery?
I have talked to him lately but there is nothing regarding a future together in the medium or long term. I hope for him to continue with PSG for many years because he’s doing well. He was ideal for Sevilla for three years and we weren’t bad.

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