Monchi after Fiorentina humiliation: “I can only apologise”.

John Solano

Sporting director Ramon Monchi after the Giallorossi’s 7-1 embarrassment at the hands of Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia:


Difficult to comment on an evening like this.
It’s perhaps the most difficult — for me, it is the most difficult day in my time as a sporting director. I’ve never experienced such a match. It’s difficult. All I can do is apologise to the fans and everyone because I can imagine how they’re feeling right now. It’s not the time to make assessments, we have to wait. Right now, I can only say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

Did you have a feeling this would happen?
I do not think any of the players wanted to play badly, today everything went wrong. I was in the dressing room before the match — the players wanted to win. I think that in the last 5/6 matches, if we disregard the second half in Bergamo, the team was not doing badly.



The lowest point of your career.
You learn every day. Today is a new lesson, you need to be good at finding solutions. The solutions are dressing room. I can already tell you that Roma won’t do anything on the market, I believe the team is here and we have to find a solution in the team. That’s my first thought: supporting the team, who are also suffering, but the fans are the ones who suffered most. I’m sorry, but now we have to stay close to them.

Is the manager at risk?
No, no. If anyone under question it is the sporting director who created the team and gave trust to Di Francesco. Today the players and managers have the maximum amount of trust.
Have you already spoken to Pallotta? Vida?
No. The solutions are in the dressing room. We have to reflect, I can’t say that nobody will leave but we must reflect.

Will there be a ritiro?
No, no.

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