Monchi: “Barca? A difficult challenge.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director, Monchi, spoke to a group of foreign media members yesterday. These are his words via

It will be a difficult challenge. They’re perhaps the best team in the world, they have a better chance than us. If I speak from the heart, I’d say we could do it.

The transfer market?
So far, we have not sold anyone and we have not received offers. The obligation of a sporting director is listening to everyone. In this moment, though, there’s more talking than doing.

Pallotta is interested in following the rules of UEFA, he has invested so much money in Roma and continues to do so, but there are rules. We have to fix the budget. The new stadium will be a positive step for the future.

Do players not accept Roma as a destination due to the chaos of the city and the violence of the supporters?
I do not agree with this description. The strength I have (when convincing players) is the Roma brand, when I call and say that I am sporting director of Roma, doors open.

Do I think Alisson’s future will be in Rome for the next thirty years, I’d say no. If you ask me about his future and if he will be at Roma next week or next year, I’d say yes. We don’t have to sell him.

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