Monchi: “The best gift for Pallotta would be qualifying.”

John Solano

Monchi to SportMediaset before Roma-Shakhtar:

A word that we’ve been hearing is resilience, do you see it on the faces of the players?
Yes, especially these last few days at Trigoria. The team knows what is at stake today, they are a strong team but the mentality is the right one we’ll need.

What must Roma do to win?
Score a goal (laughs). I think we have to play with our heads and our hearts, but above all, with a high rhythm. We must immediately start with a high rhythm because Shakhtar tend to struggle when the tempo is high.

Today is Pallotta’s birthday, have the players given a present to the president?
I do not know, but I am convinced that the best gift would be qualification. I do not think James wants any other gift.

Can qualification help to rebuild some of the feelings between Pallotta and the fans?
Results always help. I think that the work he’s done can not be judged just by one match, but I think if we qualify today then the supporters will all be even happier with us.

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