Monchi: “I can be myself at Roma.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director, Monchi, was interviewed by AS and talked about a variety of topics. These are his words:

You said that when you started as a sporting director at Seville there was no base for your work. You’ve found that here,
Yes, of course (laughs). It was an advantage for my new start by joining a club where there was already a well-done work. It has made this step easier for a new phase of my life.

The impact of moving to Roma?
Positive, both personally and professionally. I still need something, obviously: I do not have my entire family here, I miss my friends. However, adapting was very smooth, thanks to the help of the club.

Sevilla has always been your club. Is it different to work for a club with whom you have never had such a close relationship?
It depends on your professionalism. I have tried, from the start, to make this club part of me, starting from scratch. I took a “crash course in Roman”.

You had many offers. Why Roma?
After the hardest decision, which was leaving Seville, I knew I wanted to be myself, wherever I went. I realized that here I could be myself and, fortunately, I am.

You arrived during the Spalletti-Totti feud. Do you think that hurt the team?
If Roma wants to grow, we must look forward, never back. I was lucky to meet Spalletti, a great manager, and lucky to see Totti play and to experienced his farewell, and now I have the immense fortune to work with him every day. That’s what I’m left after all of that.

Which was the most complicated transfer operation during your first transfer market at Roma?
Of course the one for Mahrez, who was of interest to us, it was very difficult, but we were not able to bring him to harbor. Schick’s wages were difficult from a competition standpoint: Juve, Inter, Napoli, and clubs across Europe were interested. The Rome brand helped me to convince the Czech attacker to come.

Schick, if all the conditions are met, will cost €40 million, the most expensive signature in the history of Roma. At Sevilla, your most expensive purchase was €15 million.
My job is always to choose, having the best arguments to do well. Patrik has a significant cost, but it is also linked to his performance. We have a lot of confidence in him.

Di Francesco seems to be another great choice.
Once I talked to him it was very clear, I said that he was perfect. He checks the boxes that get me excited about a manager: the connection with the club and communication with the players, for example.

This year can you dream about the Scudetto?
We begin at a disadvantage compared to more consolidated projects such as Juve and Napoli, but we are also convinced that, with work, we can reduce the distance and time.

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