Monchi: “Di Francesco not under discussion.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director Monchi to SportMediaset before Verona-Roma:

Today is a can’t-miss opportunity.
After not winning for 7 matches, every match is important and today is the first we have to win. Today, there is no (good) result other than a victory.

Can you now discuss what happened with Dzeko and Chelsea?
I am convinced that if Edin had the desire to leave, it would have been the same for Roma. All of us were 100% convinced and we made that clear during talks.

Is Di Francesco under discussion?
No, he is not. We are 100% convinced by our manager. I don’t have to deny anything because there is nothing to deny.

What do you think of Di Francesco’s words about feeling under scrutiny?
We are all a bit like that. After seven match without a win, we all have a bit of anger, we are not happy and I’m the first.

Is Di Francesco’s tactical change shared by the dressing room?
I am convinced that it was a choice of the Mister, he does not have to share with the dressing room why he does things. He knows the team and has worked with different formations during the week, the choice is his.

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