Monchi: “Dzeko will remain.”

Roma sporting director Monchi spoke today while attending the annual USSI (Unione Stampa Sportiva Italiana) ceremony. These are his words:

Dzeko was one step away from Chelsea, now what will he do?
He’ll stay here, I expect next year he will have a similar season to this year because he is a very important player for us and we all want him here.

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Alisson stays, otherwise I’ll have to go back and play as goalkeeper. I do not know if I’m ready to be a goalkeeper, he’s more than likely to stay here.

Renewals of Di Francesco and Florenzi?
With Alessandro, we are certainly ready to talk, we decided to talk about after the end of the season. The Mister knows what I think of him, I was lucky enough to work with him for a year and I’m very happy. We will work together for awhile.

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