Monchi: “I’m satisfied with the season.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director Ramon Monchi spoke to Mundo Deportivo today. These are his words:

Your first year in Rome: you have reached the Champions League quarter-finals after 10 years, you are third in Serie A and all without Salah, Rüdiger and Paredes.
We have to be satisfied with what we have done in the Champions League, not only to reach to the quarter-finals but also finishing first in a difficult group ahead of Chelsea and Atleti. It was a difficult year because there was a change of manager and sporting director, Francesco Totti retired and important players left. Overall I’m satisfied, I’m sure we can do better, but we’re happy for the growth of the club internationally. Having reached the Champions League quarter-finals satisfies us.

Why did you choose Roma and not other clubs after so many years at Sevilla?
Basically because the project suited me. I continue to work in the same way I did in Seville, in a very personal way, and I like that. In Rome, they guaranteed this possibility and I am pleased to have chosen this option.

Are there differences between Roma and Sevilla?
Yes, first, I am here. It’s a different league, different football, a different country, and a different culture. Some of my habits are different, but basically my work is the same as I have the trust of ownership and the autonomy I need to develop.

How many matches do you watch every week?
Many, I could not say how many. Sometimes I even watch videos prepared by my (scouting) team.

Have Barcelona ever attempted to contact you at Sevilla?
It is the question that I have been asked the most and I always tell the truth. I’ve never had any contact with Barcelona. First of all, because I think I have never been their objective, and plus they’ve had fantastic sporting directors.

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