Monchi: “Inter did not want to sell Zaniolo”.

John Solano

In anticipation of an extensive interview with Roma sporting director Ramon Monchi airing 1 January, Sky Sport have released another brief excerpt of their conversation with the Spanish director. These are his words:

“While we were negotiating (with Inter for Nainggolan) we had two requests: (Andrei Ionuț) Radu and Zaniolo. Radu, however, had already been sent to Genoa. Inter did not want to sell Zaniolo, they are not stupid, but at the same time, they also really wanted to bring Radja, so it was normal that they had to give-in on something. The transfer wouldn’t have fallen-through had Zaniolo not been included, it wasn’t a case of either-or. I did not think that Zaniolo would be decisive so quickly”.

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