Monchi: “It wasn’t easy at Roma. Nobody cared to help me as a person”.

John Solano

Roma will face their former sporting director Ramon Monchi next week as the Giallorossi face Sevilla in the Europa League.

The Spaniard spoke briefly today today La Gazzetta dello Sport about his two-year stint in the capital, which ended with him resigning almost one year ago to the date.

“For months I was left alone. When I accepted the proposal, I was also agreeing to change environments — and my family was left here (in Spain),” he said.

“It took me four months to understand where I was. Everyone kept saying, ‘It’s okay, he is Monchi, people say he is very good. He is just working in a different office, he will get used to it’. However, nobody cared to help me as a person. It was not easy, not at all”.

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