Monchi livid with refereeing display

Roma sporting director, Monchi, to SportMediaset after Roma 4-2 Liverpool:

“First of all, congratulations to Liverpool. They’ve had a brilliant Champions League campaign, let’s be honest. It’s time to take a deep reflection and raise our voices, not just Roma, as Juve also suffered in the same way against Real Madrid. Italian football has to raise its voice, because what we saw tonight was shocking.”

“This toys with the hearts of all the supporters. Again, we have to compliment Liverpool for qualification, but we must also evaluate how it happened. In Anfield, the third goal was offside, here we had two clear penalties not given. I’m Spanish, I arrived here a year ago, but I think it’s time Italian football raises its voice, because this is not normal. I don’t understand why VAR is not used in the most important club competition in the world. I don’t get it. There are still mistakes, but many fewer than we see otherwise.”

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