Monchi: “The market is closed, we must be confident in the players already here.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director Monchi to SportMediaset before Milan-Roma:

Did you greet Milan’s directors?
Today the match is important. We greeted Fassone and Mirabelli just like normal. I think the match is important and that there is no need to look backwards.

Di Francesco said that the problem is not at Trigoria, but what happens after. What was he referring to?
I think we must talk only about the sporting aspect. We work are working very well at Trigoria. I do not think we have to talk publicly about something that isn’t referring to the sporting aspect.

Where is the team in their growth process? Are you working for January?
We are on the right track. After four matches won, the team is growing. We have to wait to get to the top, but we trust Eusebio’s work and we will arrive at this level. Sport directors work every day, every week to find players for the future. At this time, the transfer market is closed and we have to be as confident as possible in the players that are here.

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MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45