Monchi: “Now heads to Crotone.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director Monchi appeared today on Roma Radio. These are his words:

Shakhtar already represents the past, now there is Crotone.
Yes, that’s right, finding motivation and the right attitude to play a match like Tuesday’s is not very difficult, but after the adrenaline of the Champions League, returning to the league and playing against Crotone at a difficult stadium must be another opportunity for us to grow. Five minutes after the match, my mind was already focused on Crotone. I talked to the Mister about Crotone, and if we want to grow, we need to be able to face these teams with the same level of motivation seen in the Champions League. It would be a sign of maturity, this is the path we want for Roma’s the future: a strong team in every matches.

Roma have to ensure that evenings such as Tuesday become normal.
Yes, I will give an example: I would like footballers to publish photos on Instagram for winning the Champions League final, not for a match in the first knockout round. We have to make normal what today is, unfortunately, not so.

Sunday there is Crotone-Roma. In Spain, do the big teams find it difficult to play against the smaller ones?
Yes, yes, there are top teams, but there are also teams that are less strong and less well-known, but are still difficult to deal with: Real and Barcelona put on one suit for the Champions League and another for the league, they’realways winning.

In your career, how much did you learn from your mistakes?
I have made a lot of mistakes, but I had the ability to understand them and take responsibility. Take the example of Hector Moreno: we were convinced he was a suitable player for us, then for several reasons, it did not go well for him here, and in these cases, it is better to stop and not force something. When I’m wrong, I try to understand my reasoning and learn.

You’re a former goalkeeper: who is stronger between you and Alisson?
If Alisson was playing with his eyes closed, maybe he would be at my level, he is good, but above all, he transmits a lot to the team, calm, balance. When I played, the team thought they had to score a lot because I was in goal! He is different, he’s very strong, the work Savorani has done with him has been important, Marco has done very good Alisson.

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