Monchi on Rome, the budget, and more

John Solano

Newly appointed sporting director Monchi was interviewed today by Spanish radio station Ondacero, here are his words:

“I’m very tired, it was a full day yesterday. So far, I’ve seen only a little bit of Rome. I live in a hotel near Trigoria, I have not had the opportunity yet to explore. I went out one night, I went to Trastevere. Rome is a beautiful city. The character of the Romans is similar to that of the Andalusians. Now I’m here alone but soon my family will be here and it will be a bit more normal of a life. The language is easily understandable to us Spaniards, although I still speak very little Italian, I only know the most common words.”

“The Italian press is not so different from the Spanish one. They resonate here greatly since it is the capital club. The Derby was not a great debut. We had a chance to decrease the lead of Juve after they drew against Atalanta.”

“How will I work here? Roma and Sevilla do similar transfer markets and they buy the same type of footballers, although, Roma has a bigger economic budget, almost twice as much as Sevilla, but Roma tend to not go for a final product who is worth €50-€80 million. Roma tend to go for a Pjanic before he goes to Juve and a Marquinhos from Brazil, not from PSG. However, compared to Sevilla, there is a little more money.”

“Emery? I heard from him a while ago. A month ago, knowing that I was going to leave, he wanted to chat but as friends. Marcelino?
He sent me a message 15-20 days ago, but I did not talk to him personally, only by message. A Spanish manager in Rome? Roma has a manager that I myself want to persuade to stay, one who I want to achieve things with, with my work. My wish is that Spalletti remains in Rome, but if he decides to leave, me and the club will think about what to do.”