Monchi rues dropped points against Fiorentina

John Solano

Monchi to Sky Sport after Fiorentina 1-1 Roma:

What did and didn’t convince you tonight?
The team was closer to what I think it can be. Roma deserved more tonight, unfortunately there was a play that changed the match. I have never talked about the referees and I do not want to do it now, but VAR is there to help.

Has the result been affected by this?
Oh yes, it ended 1-1 and their only goal was due to a penalty. We have to reflect, we never talk about the referees but even against SPAL there was a penalty like this one and then last week we didn’t get one in Napoli during the action on Dzeko.

Why are you intervening today?
This isn’t the first half we’ve had situations like this, it happened against Inter last year. I’m asking for fairness as I’m sure that nobody does this voluntarily, we respect the referees, but Roma cannot be one that never says anything, we will speak out if we have to. I’m a staunch defender of VAR and I think it should’ve been used tonight.