Monchi: “Schick and Emerson will be the best reinforcements.”

John Solano

Monchi to SportMediaset before Genoa-Roma:

What’s going on with Dzeko?
We are happy with the job he’s doing. But it’s not about an individual job, but a collective one.

Di Francesco asked for an attacker.
He also said he was happy with the team. We are waiting for Emerson and Schick, now they are back, for me, they will be the best reinforcements for the team.

Which areas need something more?
I think we are close to what the Mister is asking for. There is room for improvement, we expect that. The team must continue the work of the Mister and grow.

The stadium? When will it be done?
It’s the same question I have. This week we should get the news we have been awaiting for a long time. After all the club’s work, I would say we deserve this news.

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MatchDay 32
14 Apr 18:00