Monchi: “Schick? We must have confidence.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director Monchi to Sky Sport before Milan-Roma:

There’s been many changes: is it due to confusion or just that there are many options?
I would say the latter. It’s true some things went wrong against Atalanta, but I think there’s the chance to alter things with this roster. The Mister has fielded the eleven best today.

Today Schick will play in his role, is it a decisive moment?
I believe that his is the logical path for growth. He had a great season at Samp, then he went to a bigger team. He arrived in a better condition this summer, we must have confidence in him.

Can Manolas and Fazio do better with an extra defender alongside them?
It’s true, we needed to fix the defence and the Mister has, therefore, added an extra defender.

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