Monchi speaks ahead of Bologna

John Solano

Roma sporting director Monchi to SportMediaset before Bologna-Roma:

Is your mind on Barca?
Today we have to think only of Bologna, we want to continue the fight for third place. There are three teams behind us, our mind must be there. After this match we will think about Barcelona.

Do you expect something more from Schick?
Yes, he also said he expected better. We must have the same confidence in him from this summer, Patrik is a player of great quality, he needs continuity and to score to gain confidence. It is essential for all players, but even more for the attackers. He is convinced that slowly he will get better, we are waiting for him.

How strong is Alisson? Will you be able to keep him?
All players have room for growth. I’m a bit tired of talking about the future of Alisson, in every interview I get this question. We have no offers and have no intention to do anything, we are happy to have Alisson, we want to enjoy his work.

How much is he worth?
I do not want to say, when one does not want to sell something he does not say the price.

There’s talk about Juventus on Pellegrini.
Lorenzo’s clause is not the one that’s discussed. He is happy here, in the Roma of the future, Lorenzo will be an important player. He is Roman and Romanista, he grew up in the youth sector here.

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