Monchi speaks ahead of Roma-Genoa

John Solano

Monchi to Sky Sport before Roma-Genoa:

Di Francesco is playing for his place?
We are playing for the three points. We have to think about winning, that’s what we need. We must try to recover our place in the table.

Does the exclusion of Schick mean that he will go on the market?
It’s the choice of the Mister. It does not change anything. The manager made the choices he thought were best in order to win.

Are you going to America to decide to keep or sack Di Francesco?
No, every month or a month and a half I go to Boston. We have many others who come with me like Fienga and Calvo.

The players have gotten it wrong with their attitudes. Can the same be said of Roma’s management team?
It is true that when things do not go well, everyone is responsible. We’re all under discussion, not only the manager, but me first. My trust in the players continues without any doubt.

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