Monchi speaks at award ceremony in Napoli

John Solano

Roma sporting director, Monchi, was in Napoli today to attend the “Football Leader” ceremony at the Auditorium del Royal Continental di Napoli. These are his words to present media members:

Your first year in Italy?
It was difficult because it was my first year away from my home in Spain. I’m happy with what I did and the choice I made during an important moment in my life. It was difficult at the beginning, but after an entire year, I’m doing very well in Italy and Rome.

Will Alisson remain?
If a player leaves, there has to be three things: first there has to be an offer, then the offer has to be accepted, and then the player must want to leave. As of today, there’s none of these, so he’s staying. I think it’s normal that there are rumors regarding the transfer market right now, but we are calm because the lad is happy in Rome and we are happy with him.

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