Monchi: “We are trying to improve the team.”

John Solano

Roma sporting director, Monchi, to Premium Sport ahead of Sampdoria-Roma:

Is Dzeko distracted by this Chelsea offer?
Roma, like all the clubs in the world, listen to the offers that arrive for players, not just for Edin, but for the entire team. We are ready to listen and then we will decide. Dzeko is here now and the rest does not matter, which means that the offer we’ve received is not interesting.

Will Roma make purchases?
We are working on this, no name has been revealed. There are seven days left in the market, we are working to find something that can improve the team.

Is there an economic need in what you’re looking for?
The sporting director must look at the economic side and the sporting side, this is the role. I am a director, I have to watch both, it’s always been this way, otherwise I would go and try to buy Messi tomorrow.

Is Chelsea’s offer low for Dzeko?
I do not know what offers have been given to the player, I’m not his agent. I speak about Roma: an offer arrives, we evaluate it and then we decide.